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Vendor Number Request Form

W-9 Information:

The W-9 Form “Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification” is now required before a new vendor number will be issued by the MN State Vendor File Unit. Please collect the W-9 form from the vendor and fax it to (651) 797-1306 or email to vendor.mmbefax@state.mn.us. A new vendor number WILL NOT be approved by the Vendor File Unit until this form has been received in their office. The W-9 Form or Substitute W-9 form is in addition to requesting a new vendor number. You will still need to request new vendor numbers using the Vendor Number Request Form. If the vendor number is already in the vendor file system you do not need to fax or email anything to the state.

Non-Minnesota Business & Individual People with SSN #'s

Minnesota Business

Fill in all the information requested below.

Make sure to include the company's federal ID# (and State ID# for Minnesota vendors), or if the vendor is an individual, the individual's Social Security Number. Also, ask the vendor if there is a separate "Remit To" address. If so, fill in the "Remit to" address. Otherwise, check the box "Remit Address Same as Ordering Address" in the "Remit To" box.

When you have completed the form, click on the "submit" button at the bottom of the screen. Your request will be e-mailed to Minnesota State Mankato Business Services, Purchasing. This will enable the request to be processed quickly.

If you have questions about the vendor information required, you can contact Cheryl at 389-5017.

Vendor numbers may take 3-5 days to set up.

**Inquire about vendor number via Vendor Query in PCS 2-3 days after you submit the request.

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Anticipated Cost Center
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Indicate whether this is a New Vendor or a Change of Address

*Vendor Name (last, first) or Complete Company Name:

*Vendor Street Address Line 1:
Vendor Street Address Line 2:
*Vendor City:
*Vendor State:
*Vendor Zipcode:

If the Vendor has a separate address for payments, type in that address here. If the payment (remit to:) address is the same as the ordering address, Type Yes in Box.

Vendor Remit To Street Address Line 1:

Vendor Remit To Street Address Line 2:
Vendor City:
Vendor State:
Vendor Zipcode:
*Vendor Contact Name::
*Vendor Telephone:

Vendor Cell Phone # (if available):
Vendor Fax #:
Vendor Toll-Free#:
Vendor Email (if available):
Vendor Web Address (if available):

Vendor Federal ID# (9 digits)
Vendor State ID# (7 digits)
(Minnesota vendors only):
Individual's SSN:

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